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Do you remember getting your first Hot Wheels car? Maybe it was a special occasion like a Birthday or Christmas or maybe just as a way for your mother to get you to behave while shopping!

I recall Christmas 1970 very fondly – waking up to see all those new cars stuffed into my stocking, and the large track set boxes wrapped waiting for me under the tree!

It is my goal to bring back those memories of Christmas 1970 by restoring Hot Wheels redlines to their original condition so they can once again be enjoyed.

Our attention to detail is unmatched – first the car is disassembled and undergoes a superior buffing process that can last over 72 hours. Then we carefully match spectraflame paints, restored original glass, customized contoured rivets to match the original rivets, along with genuine Mattel Hot Wheel redline wheels (that match the castings country of origin) to complete the restoration. (Something no other restorers take the time to do!)


We can restore YOUR redlines to look like this!

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